Disclaimer by Fresh Kils PRESS: EARMILK.COM Fresh Kils and pHoenix Pagliacci team up for “Ain’t No Way” Toronto-based, Juno-nominated producer, and mix engineer Fresh Kils is currently working on his debut solo project but in the interim, he shares his new single “Ain’t No Way”. The collaborative tune sees him teaming up with fellow Toronto artist/rapper/songwriter pHoenix Pagliacci (of Sorority and TRP.P fame) and the result is a punchy and incendiary declaration of independence. Fresh Kils crafts a heavy guitar-stab-driven soundscape for Phoenix and she seamlessly flows over it with so much elegance and grace. Blending heartfelt and insightful bars with a heavy dose of bravado, the rapper gives listeners a vivid look into her journey as an artist carving her destiny with every step. earmilk.com/2022/11/08/fresh-kils-and-phoenix-pagliacci-team-up-for-aint-no-way/ ABOUT: Fresh Kils is a Toronto based, Juno nominated producer, mix engineer, and MPC master, with a prolific career, marked with accolades and a growing momentum. He’s poised for a long awaited sound system takeover, and on Friday, November 25th, 2022, set to release his 12 track album titled “Disclaimer” via URBNET. “Disclaimer” takes an emotive and decisive step away from the high energy MPC performances that Kils is known for. The long awaited album showcases a new depth and musicality, and represents Kils’ maturing sensibilities, resulting in a more sombre and emotive sound. “Artists would see me on stage, rocking these incendiary MPC routines and ask for beats to collab, assuming they’d get that same sound, only to be confused when a folder of lush, downtempo soundtracks would appear in their emails.” “Contrary to the larger than life, confident persona I portray on stage, in my day to day, I am plagued with imposter syndrome, which leads to me to under-represent myself, to self-critique my work before its even been heard. I’d play a song I was working on and describe in detail all the things that were wrong with it while it was playing: “mix isn’t finished”, “still not happy with this part”, “still needs work”, instead of allowing my work to speak for itself. I would “disclaim” away my own value. Making this album has been a process of working through that, of re-claiming my value to myself. I’ve made the album I wanted to make, and as hard as it is to say, I’ve made peace with letting go of it without saying a word.” It’s my first solo offering, and is a truer representation of who I am as an artist. This album comes with no disclaimer attached, no marketing department, no agenda, no strings. It’s simply, the music I’ve made that I loved the most.” credits released November 25, 2022 Additional guitars on track 1 by Martin Anon / Anxxon Keys on tracks 2, 4, 6, 9 by Andrew Ivens Sax on tracks 2, 3, 6, 9 by Anthony Rinaldi Additional keys on track 3 by Szabolcs Bognar Electric bass on track 3 by Dj Uncle Fester Horns on tracks 4, 7 by Octavio Santos Additional guitars on track 4 by Jamie Schnetzler Interpolation on track 4 by Ethan Lustig Additional vocals on track 6 by Kaleb Simmonds Co-production on track 8 by Chris AK Additional vocals on tracks 8, 9 by Ok Handsome Double bass & string arrangements on track 10 by James Charles Emmett Cuts on tracks 3, 11 by Dj Uncle Fester All songs produced & mixed by Fresh Kils @ The Kiln Mastered by Tom Rogers @ Atomix Original Art by Peter Diamond This project was made possible in part by the support of the Ontario Arts Council.Many thanks to my various collaborators for their patience and faith, the friends who stuck with me, and my family for their unending support & love. #padlife