Decon Blu x Pa Pa Fresh – Clip Still Full (Official Music Video) @PaPaFresh

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Produced By: Pa Pa Fresh
Scratches By: Pa Pa Fresh
Mixed By: Pa Pa Fresh, Decon Blu
Mastered By: Pa Pa Fresh


I flip swing and clip Bust an upper lip
I take a mic and rip when I trip you keep waiting I will never slip
I got a grip I’m shooting from the hip lines like some hollow tips
Im talking shit sinking ships rocking boats and cutting throats
Decon kicking like some soccer funky like a gym locker
Chart topper hip hopper flyer then a chopper
The ill cat I take you back to the crates cassette tapes
I’m in shape taking over planet of the apes
Classic…. from the days of jurassic
Watching mad kung fu on saturdays you get your ahhhh
Not a laughing matter I shine bright roaches scatter
Your still pushing skids while I climb the corporate ladder
I am from a time where emcees were just that
You had a message nowadays these kids well they can hardly rap
Yo but you can call me a hater
See I am what I eat I wall street hustle you chase paper

I never read a book in my life aww naaaww
Audio Bible when I ride for sure
It be Decon Blue OG Pa Pa
Fresh never the less got them yelling yes y’all
Oooo weeee, youngsters don’t get it
Hold up wait a minute, this here beginning
Spinning turntable rocking just lending
Hip hop here to drop might be trending
Any many mighty moe
Guru flow split flame burn lame
Mumble rappers slow no bro you insane
Cypress you ain’t from the hill fool dang
Couple years later aint nobody know your name
Ain’t got no style and just a plain Jane
OG buck wilding got your mama smiling
Still got a full clip don’t try it