Decalcified Pineal
by Bill Suede

Will Leather, known in the music world as Bill Suede, is a conscious and spiritually oriented emcee, who makes music with all intentions set on helping do my part to uplift, awaken, and inspire listeners and fans.

Bill was born in Nanaimo, BC, on Vancouver Island and before he even was 24 hours old, he was back at home on Gabriola Island, the Queen of the gulf islands, also known as the Isle of the Arts.
Although Bill has been an emcee since 2005 when he first began writing rap verses with some of his closest friends, it has taken many years of passionate engagement and endless experimentation before finally affirming his niche as a conscious & spiritual emcee. Since 2020, Bill’s primary focus lyrically has been on the Truth & Freedom Movement, Conspiracy Realism,
Spiritual Insight, and Sharing Wit Wisdom and Knowledge in hopes to inspire his listeners and fans to reach for their dreams, believe in themselves, spread peace and love, and most Importantly: to read between the lines and keep an open heart and mind.

His latest album “The Decalcified Pineal LP” has been in the works since late 2020 / early 2021 and is intended not only to wake his audience up to the fact the world is not run how or by who we are taught to think it is, but also to offer some guidance and insight as to how each of us can begin becoming more aware and prepared to start taking action to better ourselves, our families, and our communities. Bill feels strongly that as much as the people of the world are being lied to en mass by the powers who shouldn’t be, ranging from Big Government, to Big Tech, from the Pharmaceutical Industry to the Military Industrial Complex, from Oil Tycoons, The Climate Change Fraud, To the destruction of the fabric of our society and our very human nature through Soros funded “woke” and “green” corrupted and fraudulent ideologies.
Bill realizes that Simply being informed of the evil running rampant throughout our world is not enough to create positive change.

Becoming aware of one’s true nature, and realizing each one of us is a unique expression of the same one infinite and eternal consciousness which permeates all, is key to being able to not merely weather these turbulent times of upheaval and change. But rather to take the steps and action necessary to begin reclaiming our freedoms and rights, our privacy and independence, our families and communities. Bill believes deeply and strongly that One must “Be The Change You Wish to See In The World” and that the key to defeating the tyranny and corruption consuming our world, is not by fighting against it. not by violence or persecution. Instead of feeding said evil and corruption by engaging with it and all its nonsense, we must opt out and begin creating our own systems and societies. This begins with One’s own self, then within our families, next our communities, and finally our nations, and the world as a whole.

“Decalcified Pineal” is intended to bring the listener thought-provoking, raw lyrical content on a wide array of topics that you won’t find in the mainstream. Bill’s style is “No Holds Barred” and he speaks his truth no matter what and always will. No Government, Corporation, Industry, or Association will ever dictate what he can, or can not speak upon within his music. In the era of online censorship, medical tyranny, and the death of free speech, Bill intends to remain a beacon of truth and light, using his musical talents and lyrical abilities partially in effort to expose and combat the global cabals plans for enslavement of all human beings, and primarily to help awaken the people of the planet to simple yet ever so profound truths that once understood, will strengthen our connection to the divine, and empower us to be able to realize our dreams, and make manifest a world of cooperation, compassion, harmony, and abundance, with Love Light Laughter Freedom and Unity as the motto!
released July 2, 2022

With Guest Features by:
Grin, DCept, Estranj and Mezcal of ill Natured
Smoky Mirror, B3, and MC Four of Ocean Fresh Productions
& Production by:
DJ Envision
Grape Creative
CJ Beats
D-Low Beats
Ras Hop
Anno Dommini & WhoIsDro