D.O.P.E – Crates And Drum Machines

U.S.A (Illinois)

D.O.P.E “Crates & Drum Machines” (’90-’93)

1)Now You Know Your D.O.P.E (Intro)
***2)Mic Checkin’
3)How To Hold A Piece of Steel
4)Back On Track
5)One To Think About [Drunken Horn Remix]
7)Wrong One To F With featuring AMC (of Savage Intellect)
8)Is It Clever?
***10)Didn’t Wanna Do It
****11)I Had To Do It (Freestyle) featuring DJ Dread

Produced By AMC for Rage Productions except where noted below
*Produced By AMC and Co-Produced By D.O.P.E
**Produced By D.O.P.E
***Produced By D.O.P.E and Co-Produced By AMC
****Instrumental of Just-Ice’s “Somoshitbyjust-ice” Produced by Just-Ice/KRS