D​.​R​.​E​.​A​.​M ON (prod. Apollo Brown)
by Prop Dylan

This is the third single they drop together taken from Props coming album “Bushido Code”
Dream On is a natural boom bap banger with a futuristic flow to it.
Apollo Browns production matches Props flow and poetry in a perfect audio symmetry.
Verse 1:

A working class kid in a middle class villa//
Sitting in his boy room tryna scribble raps iller//
Than the inner city rappers with no gift of gab//
Or talent but had massive shock value cuz they nickel bag dealers//
Odds against me, when you’re coming from a smaller town//
Even back then the whole scene seemed watered down//
Called it how I saw it, fuck a city slicker//
Now in the interviews in magazines I flipped them all the middle finger//
Portrait a different picture, If I ain’t chilling with ya//
Then get up of my chest like a fucking titty twister//
No wasting time I, was on the state of mind//
To get up in the morning and just jump up on the daily grind//
Not the lazy kind, I kept me motivated//
And kept my focus on the dreams to meet the goals awaiting//
Around the corner, then you see me gone//
Just a cloud of dust, like Cheech & Chong, I kept o n dreaming on//


Dream on
You gotta dream on
Uh yea dream on
You gotta dream on
Uh yea dream on

Verse 2:

Slip and slide through this life what a dizzy ride//
Rather living by the Japanese code of Ikigai//
City silhouettes and city lights, misty nights//
Never miss a flight, when it comes down to gripping mics//
Some of the things, I was dreaming ’bout//
To hear and see the crowd, scream and shout //
While the beats banging out the speakers loud//
Yo! Think I’m conceited now? Shit I’d rather be about than be without//
If I knew then what it meant, It would lose it’s meaning//
Knowing I can walk on water like a true Venetian//
You have to dream it first, it’s like A future reading//
Cuz when I see myself now it’s like I’m lucid dreaming//
Even the pain that I bleed out the pen//
Is a part of my dream that most people resent//
Each and every setback and my feeble attempts//
Has been a means to an end of every dream that I’ve dreamt//
released November 5, 2021
Lyrics: P.Norén
Production: E.Stephens