Curses by Bloodmoney Perez

“Curses” started off as a few tracks that weren’t finished when “Second-Hand Accounts” was scheduled to be released, and the idea was to throw out a few as loosies, but it evolved into a continued idea that has existed in all of my albums that Messiah Musik has produced….feeling like I’ve/We’ve been doomed from the start.

The idea of wresting with familial curses, or more appropriately generational trauma, the impacts it has on us as we grow into fuller adults, the way it bleeds into every aspect of life, which then bleeds into every aspect of ART, is always at the forefront of my mind/heart.

“Curses” would not again be possible without Messiah Musik being the anchor, and my dude Iceberg Theory once again playing assistant coach to make this a full, but concise record that flexes between spoken word poetry, cipher raised MC style shit, and abstract poeticism where the world meets at a connected intersection of anger, loss, and fierceness.

The original songs had no guest save for what will probably be one of the best posse cuts of the year, “Dantes Inferno” which is a reworking of “Hades” off “Second-Hand Accounts” and features three of my FAVORITE MCs doing it right now, in AJ Suede, Sleep Sinatra, and Blu. The devastatingly good “Dantes Inferno” was expertly mixed by FBR Mastering/Filthybroke Recordings CAPO MJC, who also held down mastering the entire record yet again.

Additionally, the album has two mystically dope remixes from Portland’s Fines Double, and Connecticut group The 50×50’s which helped show off some dynamic abilities of their own and make two of my favorite sound like brand new monsters.

From August 2022 Bandcamp’s “Best Hip-hop of August”.
Curses digs into the interconnected way that family curses and generational traumas can follow a person through their life. Conceived by Alaska-residing Bloodmoney Perez—and backed by production handled entirely by Messiah Muzik— collection wavers between reflective and redemptive notes. “Dearly beloved/ Dressed in tattered robes/ Sipping from cups that over runneth/ What lies in front is lost loves,” says Perez on the title track, embracing a soundtrack of clattering drums and a refrain that resembles a water-damaged chiptune riff. Next comes talk of summoning all-knowing presences, engaging in static-swaddled phone conversations with ghosts, and walking through fiery realms before the MC issues the staunch charge that it’s “blasphemous how these fake fucks cursing my name.” Beyond Perez’s own lyrical contemplations, “Dante’s Inferno” adds to the esteemed art of the posse cut by corralling the MC talents of AJ Suede, Blu, and Sleep Sinatra into the fold and letting them loose over a palpably humming backdrop embellished with a muted horn riff. – Philip Mlynar
released August 26, 2022

All songs produced by Messiah Musik except where noted which were produced by Iceberg Theory.

Guest MCs are:
AJ Suede –
Sleep Sinatra –
Blu –
Sketch Tha Cataclysm –

Mastered By: MJC for FBR Mastering (