by Fro Magnum Man

Frustration is a recurring theme in Curmudgeon. Frustration with the state of music, the state of the world, and ultimately his own state of mind. After taking a long hiatus from music, Fro Magnum Man returns to the microphone, leaning into the fact that he is an ageing emcee who is
too tired and grumpy to “evolve” with the trends. Fro Magnum Man’s pen is extremely sharp,and he spends much of the EP yelling at society, ignorance, and the proverbial kids on his lawn with production that spawns visions of a shaking fist.

Curmudgeon isn’t entirely outwardly focused though. Some of the EP is quite introspective, dealing with Fro Magnum Man’s own depression, lack of self worth, and the frustration that stems from within. He mentions on more than one occasion, his lack of self control, inability to
get healthy, and the inevitability of his untimely demise should he not be able to alter his ways.
released April 10, 2020