Creative Subtraction by Construct Collapse

1. Before the After
2. Image and Nation
3. Bubbles Decoded
4. Rolling Down The Avenue
5. The Disappointed Apprentice
6. They Found Him By The River
7. Group Chat
8. Daughters

Creative Subtraction is another collection of songs by Kwam and Robmo. Songs 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 were recorded 3/3/2023, and 4, 6 & 8 were recorded 2/19/23 at Rob’s house.

Kwam: Guitar sounds, words
Rob: Guitar, Bass, Synth, Euphone, SP-404, Euphone, Kalimba

People might say, “What are the songs about? “ Exactly. A bout, a struggle with the inner self and the self presented. Subtraction, to take away, to have taken away; subtracted, removed from the whole. What constitutes a whole? To become is to take inventory, to gather and discard, to choose what pieces will remain behind or perhaps be left as a hint of what was. Before the After, the past forming a future, tone, the color of the sky, the hum of the wind, the way the sun creates shadows, the glare obscures the vision. It begins. Image and Nation, the rules, who walks through which door, who can speak with possessives, object vs. subject; history in formation. Bubbles Decoded, talking with words is hard, dreams are manifestations, an intentional way to never know, all the while knowing. Rolling Down The Avenue, debris, buildings erected and fallen, a mob, the future descent, the ruin that will one day be as majestic as a mountain; “I was it here!” The Disappointed Apprentice, one day man, if you listen to me, I never was and you may never be, unless you slay the bogeyman to perpetuate a bogeyman future for your own good. Cowardice and technology, the lure of relevancy, modernity and its discontents; the Group Chat. They Found Him By The River repeating mantras mumbling to himself, convincing himself, summoning, calling out the name, alive somewhere. The River is still. Daughters as a thing, protected from what they may become, things in the thing currency, words defined to lessen the impact, someone loses everyday, someone is lost in something lost, removed from a hole people might say, “What are the songs about?”
released March 8, 2023