Connect Logic & Pro P – Peak Of My Career

From: Connect Logic & Pro P – Drop Gems…

OK so here I am proud to announce another Connect Logic and Pro P project called
Drop Gems

So how did this project come about i hear you ask?

Pro P sent me a batch of beats in Jan or Feb 2022 and mentioned starting a project. Maybe an EP or a short album and just see how things went.
The first track I wrote and recorded was Too hot.
This is an old school type beat to me. As in mid 90s vibe.
Pro P mentioned doing a summer type vibe track, and that’s what the chorus and vibe screams so I just dropped some bars and knowledge on it in a chilled style.

Next I think was reminisce.
He sent me a batch and I woke up one Saturday morning and played them in bed
The beat came on and inspired me straight away and I just freestyled the first verse off the top of my head. Then quickly jotted it down as close as I could remember with a few tweaks here and there.
I then sat on the 2nd verse for a while and wrote and recorded the 2nd verse for the track to be finished. This was more of a fun vibe and an honest reflection of my life growing up In the 80s and 90s as a kid. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this one. Easy listening and something fun.

3rf and 4th tracks came from the next batch of beats.
I already had my verse Cold Within spare and when the beat came on I started reciting the bars to it and it sounded dope so I wrote the chorus. I wanted a couple of features for this one so I showed Olbers it and he was up for it.
But before he did his verse I sent it Lomax and he wrote and put his verse down for it and Olbers flowed in after Lomax. Both smashed it. Its more of a slow paced one where we all seem to be having a bit of fun with the flows on this. It turned out pretty dope I think.

4th was Banger After Banger.
Absolute classic boom bap style from Pro P.
I had put the beat aside for a while and when I came back to it I put the hook and verse down and shouted Bowzer for the next feature.. Within a day or 2 he’d sent me his verse back and smashed it.
We later went on to record a video to this which you can find on Connectlogicuk YouTube, Bowzer Official YouTube Revolutionary Records YouTube. It got a good reaction and various reviews including one from Blind Fury who gave the track 8.5 out of 10. Nice.

Ermmmmm what was next haha.
I think the next track I wrote was
No looking Back.. I actually went back through the batches of beats Pro had sent me to see if I’d missed something. As sometimes it depends what mood you are in when you hear beats and you sort of let them pass you by if you are in a certain mood.. So I went to the back catalogue of beats and played the beat for No looking back and wrote And recorded it. This is one of my personal favourites. Real honest lyrics that everyone can relate to. Logic dropping some Gems on this one.

Which then leads us on to the title track Drop Gems.
As soon as I heard this beat I got the mic out and put down the chorus and first verse.
I didn’t have a 2nd verse and was thinking about a feature.
Then one day while waiting for Olbers in Sainsbury car park in Morecambe. I put the beat on in my car and wrote the 2nd verse in about 15 mins.. Went home and recorded it…again some good old honest real lyrics with a bit of depth..

Next was Move Money.. This is a more up beat funky vibe. ( Reminds me of an ocean wisdom type beat). where I was just having fun with the flows. The chorus was already there so I just adds some adlibs then did the 2 verses.
Boom instant banger.

Scatter brain was next.
I took a beat batch round to Olbers house and we played them
Straight away he said use this beat
So Scatter Brain was actually his idea….with the “get your mind right” hook already there and the scatter brain verses, although fairly deep lyrics seemed to fit nicely on this soul sampled beat. A bit abstract maybe but it’s different and worked nicely.

Most respected Was 9th to be recorded.
I found an Olbers verse in my cubase files that hadn’t been released and put the A capella over the beat and it fit perfectly so I wrote my verse to fit with his then Olbers re recorded his verse and that was track 9 done. Again another sampled chorus but by this time that was almost a theme of the album.. Plus it saves me writing hooks hahah. (Oh T. C. S is the group me and Olbers Paradox are in. So this was like a T.C.S feature track.

Last track but by no means least was
Peak Of My Career
Again the beat already had the hook there so was in theme with that Boom bap style we were going for..
As soon as I played it I was buzzing and knew I was writing to it. . This one is an absolute banger of a beat.
Again I was having fun with the flows and bars in that raw hip hop style.
Rawbeat banging Boom Bap. What more do you want.

So all in all it took about a year from start to finish.

Pro P worked on All the beats adding drops delays and small edits to the beats. Mixed and mastered all my vocals
And has yet again smashed it with the beats for the project. Respect to an absolute legend of the UK Hip Hop scene.

Thanks to the features from Bowzer, Lomax and Olbers Paradox.

Hope you enjoy the album.
Connect Logic
released February 24, 2023