Dough Networkz presents Skanless Summer: 80’z Baby’z (Deluxe Edition)
by T.F x Local Astronauts

This Deluxe Edition includes “Bonus Tracks” a “Digital Album Booklet” and a never before seen interview!!!

Following the accomplishment of “Skanless Summer”, Revolt’s Top 11 rap albums of 2001, the series is back again to kick off the hot weather, crazy stories, and skanless wonders. T.F brings “Skanless Summer: 80z Babyz”, a full length 15 track album entirely produced by Local Astronauts.

This project is the definition of cultural commentary from the South Central LA gang perspective. Each track illustrates in detail the mindset of active gang culture and the situations that spark violent reactions. Unlike most current gangster rap artist, this album doesn’t invoke feelings of ignorance, but rather it is reflective of a John Singleton film that builds understanding, empathy and authenticity.

The production is reminiscent of 90s West Coast Hip Hop that shook the world during the golden age of rap. The opening song sets the tone for what is to come from the project; highlighting the original street codes and how they have been overlooked in modern day street culture and leaving innocent people murdered. This project is an audio series with each track being an episode.

We believe that TF will go to become one of the most influential artist from the WestCoast in the coming years with the right support.Skanless Summer: 80z Babyz is an example of what’s more to come. Keep it Skanless my good peoples!!!!
released June 6, 2022

Entirely Produced by Local Astronauts
Additional Production by Solini & Tony Ozier
Additional Keys by Tony Ozier, Dae One, Polyester The Saint, Anthony Pina, & Clinton Sands
DJ Scratches by Marcus “DJ Cell” Hunter
Talkbox By: Wali Ali Jr
Sax by Otis Philip Ubaka
Additional Vocals by Legree Shine, K.I.T.S. Krakin, Sultanyah Smith,, Fannie Nicole Johnson,
Skits by Slink Johnson, “Santana Red” : Samantha Gomez, Jasmine Sweets, Legree Shine, & Ruth Jackson

A&R and Presented by Lafayette “Dough Networkz” Carpenter
Campaign Management: Erthang Skanless
Production Assistant: Jasmine Sweets
Executive Producers: Badru Umi & Kenrick “Poly Rob” Mejia
Mixed and Mastered by Local Astronauts
Arrangement & Direction by Local Astronauts

Photography by Dirty Diggs
Artwork by Local Astronauts
Visual Direction by Mychal Hatch & Badru Umi