Come Back by sOuL from the O “Come Back” was birthed by sOuL from the O while on a BART train from Oakland to San Francisco, listening to a Headnodic breakbeat instrumental – trying to express the tension between how life is, and how life could be. The song wrote itself. Inspired by 80’s PSA cartoons, the track is a throwback to HipHop in the park and music that would inspire the uprising of the imagination for a better world, in the face of the darkest moments. One of many collaborations between sOuL from the O and producer Headnodic, “Come Back” is the 2nd single from the forthcoming Queens and Pharaohs album. Let it move you! Thanks for listening! credits releases November 11, 2022 Produced by Headnodic Mixed by Headnodic Mastered by Mike Bobino