Colored People’s Time Machine by Gabriel Teodros “Musically, the album blends genres effortlessly, and is cleverly produced. It is captivating and smooth-flowing, and never loses its rhythm. Teodros describes his musical journey as ‘a constant process/unraveling/you call it hip hop/I call it Colored People’s Time Machine’. And he has taken a beautifully collaborative approach to telling his story. A well-crafted, thoughtful, insightful ode to all the people, experiences, places, that have made him who he is today. To borrow a phrase from Lauryn Hill, Colored People’s Time Machine is ‘a well written thesis broken down into pieces.’” – Anne Mazimhaka, This Is Africa Official videos Blossoms Of Fire: Mind Power: credits released January 19, 2012 Featuring Meklit, SKIM, Amos Miller, Khingz, Bocafloja, Sabreena Da Witch, MADlines, Rogue Pinay, Sonny Singh, okanomodé, Cristina Orbé and Maya Jenkins; with production by BeanOne, Amos Miller, Justo (of The Physics), Budo, EarDr.Umz the MetroGnome, Phreewil, Suttikeeree, WD4D, Danny Beat and Crispy. All tracks mixed by Dume41 & Gabriel Teodros at The Legion of Dume (Seattle, WA) except for “Beit” & “Still With You” mixed by Amos Miller at Buttermilk Studios (Seattle, WA) and “Sangre Nueva” mixed by Hache ST at Espadasofia Studios & mastered by Noisemastering (Mexico City) Album mastered by Dume41 at The Legion of Dume (Seattle, WA) ILLustrations & Cover by Julay (Montreal, QC)