Coffee Thought by Leo Low Pass & Scholar

I wake up in the morning sip my cup of coffee
The breeze and the trees whisper something softly
They tell me inner peace is the shit that God sees
I wonder where I’d be missing what my heart seeks
I think of all these things as I sit on bar seats
In the cafe spinning jazz as the passing cars screech
I let go of the past and my passion starts peace
Tempo pen to pad tends to match my heartbeat so
I take a sip then I kick back
No more worries I don’t miss that
Don’t you hurry life’s a blessing
Save a spot in heaven it’ll be a second till I
get back

Came a long way got a long way to go
Came a long way got a long way to go
There’s some shit I’ll never know
But I gotta let it go cuz it’s weighing on my soul
Keep the glass ice cold and the pass on low
Keep the jazz all fresh let the fast move slow

So I’m sipping reminiscing while I’m sitting
On the same bar stools where me and you would kick it
I guess we only hold our moment for a minute
Until the Holy Ghost within us sends us home you got a ticket
My mind’s tripping like an instrumental skipping
The time be in my mental with the moments I revisit
And even though sometimes I wished that things had happened different
Man I know that there’s a plan I got a vision
God be my witness
I see my image in these verses and these scriptures
I’m reading while I’m weaving through my purpose till it whispers
Being on the surface feeling worthless ain’t the business
This shit is so deceiving cuz you mean more than statistics
I feel the mixtures of espresso steady dripping
Blood is getting hot so I get up from where I’m sitting
Like I gotta go and get it
Man I gotta be persistent
Cuz this life’s a game of inches
And I gotta go the distance
I can’t give up on this shit
My mind is full of sickness
My heart is like my engine
Set ignition to the systems
A coffee thought turned up to God I hope he listens
Tell my brother that I love him and we miss him
released June 14, 2021