Church of NugLife (ft. Mike Pro, Rocky G & Zzay) – NugLife [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Song: Church of NugLife
Artists: NugLife, Mike Pro, Zzay & Rocky G
Album: The Beat Dispensary 2

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(Mike Pro)
Said I’m just chilling at my altitude
Lets roll another (can / could) we match a few
Out in the cosmos whatchu gonna do

This lifes a long..lon…lonely road
So spread that good love baby
This world is going crazy

[NugLife Talking / Opening intro]

(NugLife / Zzay) [Hook]
I said we gone keep on till the break of dawn,
I said I cant stop wont stop moving on
& we on [& we on]
& we gone [& we gone]
Carry on [smoking strong]
Come Along [You belong]

I said we gone keep on till the early morn
I said I cant stop wont stop moving on
& we on [& we on]
& we gone [& we gone]
Carry on [smoking strong] ??
Come Along [You belong]

(Mike Pro)
So come along and let me show you how
I work so hard, I think it’s wonderful they notice now
But never could I slow it down
My homies keep me on the ground
So I don’t blow my top
And make some rappers wanna close up shop
But I don’t think too much about the bullshit
I never waste time on that
Thinkin’ bout the good times I’ve had
And all the things that’ll come from the love I spread

(Rocky G)
Tryna find the patience
Life is like jazz chord changes
Angels making music for a million strangers
Chasing , dream inspired lyrics I’m creating
Teach my grand-kids guns and butter ain’t same thing

Cause this is every feeling I felt
Hidden messages “N” rythyms
Try decipher my spells
All my demons are retreating keep em locked in a cell
It’s the reason I’m perceiving all the colors so well

[Repeat Hook]

I’m screaming “Hialeah”
Higher than the clouds saying “amen, hallelujah”
Baby find your purpose
Always stay winning, you the one that’s always working
Eve picked the fruit and she let the soul ripen,
Really need that stimulus, really need that stipend
Smoking on the sabbath, I can feel my soul heighten
Cause it feels so good baby, cause it feels so good!

And it’s the captain ,
Stepping out the beat dispensary
Supply that top shelf smoke,
Take a triiip and come-n-see
Where we imagine ,
Put it into action, plant the seed
Build it up, watch it grow,
Double up it’s nothing see
When you be tapping , into higher power kings and queens
Finding god within yourself letting go of everything
So just relax -n- roll another to the frequency,
If you feeling what I’m saying welcome to the family

[Repeat Hook]

High Def Ent/ NugLife Productions 2021
Sample cleared / licensed via Tracklib.
Produced / Sequenced by NugLife