Chapter One
by The Inner Realmz (Instrumental)

Step inside the first installment of The Inner Realmz, a prolific envision of what Hip Hop represents today. Jump right into a heavily jazz fulfilled tape featuring a compilation of a handful of what we think are some of the greatest independent Beat Makers around.
-COVER ART BY: Saturday Mourning Cartoons
-ALBUM TITLE BY: Crie One “I2W Crew”
-MIXED & ARRANGED BY: Masta Cypher Devine
[email protected]
[email protected]
released June 4, 2022

Masta Cypher Devine, Goomson, Mike B, Vesk One, Sturks, Dexplorist, Jon Deliz, Strongbow, Psycho Les, The Architect, J.dankworth, Stranger Danger, Kauzmontezuma, JVISION, Crie One, Saturday Mourning Cartoons, & The Low End Wizards.