Can I Be Excused by Superlative

Can I Be Excused’ (EP) is a 7 track project set to be released digitally. The EP as a whole is an insight into the vulnerabilities of a man that appears to have it all together. Superlative touches on his mental peril, and with that tries to highlight the detrimental traits that got him there. It’s about breaking the narrative that all rappers need to be notoriously known on the streets or have some sort of affiliation. It’s about breaking the stigma of asking for help when you need it the most. Ultimately it’s a lesson in knowing when to act upon your own energies. Not every good opportunity has a good person behind it.

‘Can I Be Excused’ the single encompasses the collective personality traits that are expressed throughout the EP as a whole. The instrumental was based on a half time walking bass that changes every 8 bars to create the sense of going round in circles. The vibe as a whole is that of a tense and really vulnerable environment; With each character being exaggerated or animated to convey the familiarities with each personality trait. In short, it’s an audio diary of a man battling himself for change.
released August 20, 2021

Produced by Superlative
Co-Produced by Joey Bricks
Mixed by Joey Bricks
Mastered by Sappo

Additional Vocals by Karis Jade
Additional Guitar by Jake Parker

EP Artwork by Harry G Ward

A special thank you to Josh Whitaker for helping to push this one over the mark and get it finished.

Thank you to SPR Hub for facilitating merchandise and marketing.