Calcei – American Splendor (2021)

U.S.A (Detroit)

Sacramento based emcee Calcei’s new album “American Splendor” was inspired by the ongoing pandemic and its sociopolitical ramifications.
The “American” side is political and dystopian. Cynicism and malaise drip from the biting lyrics.
However, the “Splendor” side is lighter, more humorous, and whimsical. The dichotomy in tone and content mirrors the experience of many people during these trying times.
Production is provided by frequent collaborators Olos, Pimpernel Jones, Monplacebo, and Beatnick Classics. Mike E Eyebrowz also contributes sonically.
All cuts and scratches are performed by Pimpernel Jones. PJ also mixed and mastered the project.
paru le 31 décembre 2021

All lyrics by Calcei
Cuts + scratches by Pimpernel Jones
Mixed and mastered by Pimpernel Jones at Cosmic Trigger Audio
Cover graphic design by Karie Jamison
Photography by Brandon C. Lewis:
Monplacebo: [email protected]
Pimpernel Jones: [email protected]
Beatnik Classics: [email protected]
Mike E Eyebrowz: [email protected]
Karie Jamison:
Recorded at BlckLbl studios in Sacramento