JFliz x Odd Pilot
DIAMETRIC (Double single)
written by: JFliz
Prod by: Odd Pilot
Mix/Master: Odd Pilot
Artwork: JFliz
Drop Jan 26 2023

DIAMETRIC is a Double Single, bringing together the talents of two artists who embody the entire idea of being a diametric artist. Wild swings from left to right, hit them over the head and then hit them in the heart. “Always Know” is a super sentimental banger. It tugs on your heart strings with every snare hit from the pilot and growl from the Mic. But dont get too comfortable because “Cabin Of Hate” is the second joint on this double single and it’s quite obnoxious with it’s blaring Synthesizers and slap your mother attitude. But it works because that’s what being a “diametric personality” is. Listen with open ears and remember, hug your kids before and after you slap a punk in the grocery store. This is bananas.