Bundle by VerseBorn x Flamingo Fred

“Bundle”, by Team KonQuest (VerseBorn x Flamingo Fred), is a smooth boombap number that focuses on the importance of staying focused on the things that matter most in life, or your “bundle” as they call it.

“Bundle” features a catchy hook that emphasizes the significance of one’s bundle, with lines like “live my life by the drum roll, it’s all about the bundle”. The track’s smooth and groovy beat adds to its motivational and inspirational mood.

Flamingo Fred’s verse carries a confident and infectious energy as he talks about staying true to oneself and not allowing negativity from others to disrupt one’s progress.

Meanwhile, VerseBorn’s piece encourages listeners to stay focused on their goals, emphasizing the importance of keeping your eyes on the prize.

The track’s motivational message and its smooth production make it a perfect addition to any playlist for those seeking inspiration. “Bundle” is exclusively available on Bandcamp, adding to its uniqueness and exclusivity.

We’re excited about what the future holds for Team KonQuest and this latest release is a testament to their talent and unique style.

“Bundle” is a track worth adding to your collection and is proof that Team KonQuest has got what it takes to keep climbing the ranks.