Buddhists on Beatties Ford [SINGLE] by DJ 2-TONE JONES (produced by the Mighty DJ DR lyrics by J Scienide & Supastition)

This track is for my hometown, my birth place, my first love….Charlotte, NC a.k.a. the Queen City!

I reached out to my big bro the Mighty DJ DR for the beat, then tapped my fellow Charlotteans J Scienide and Supastition to dress it up with the lyrics. I also linked up with my brothers from the Original Basement Session (Coties & Shelton a.k.a. the Lyrical Assassins) for the video cameos.

This is a dedication to everyone I grew up with, as well as all of the talent artists, musicians and individuals from my hometown that have made their mark on the world of music and continue to inspire me in some form or fashion.
releases August 27, 2021

produced by the Mighty DJ DR
lyrics by J Scienide & Supastition
cuts by DJ 2-Tone Jones