Brakes On by DAFUNIKS

Dafuniks Bio 2022

5 years after their last release “Past, Present & Future”, the boys are back and ready to serve you a brand new funky single featuring Particle Man.

The track “Brakes On” marks the beginning of a new chapter in the world of Dafuniks.

After the release of “Past, Present and Future” the band decided to have a pause to be more at home with their family and loved ones. Now 5 years later JustMike and Dj Nyber decided to bring back the old turntable and sampler – Dust it off and begin the process of chapter 2. The sounds and vibes are the same, but the constellation has changed back to it’s original form:

One producer, one DJ, a stack of vinyl and a lot of sample-chopping, that will have your ears entertained on loop.

Dafuniks started their career in 2008 and since then, the Danish vinyl-lovers have caught a lot of attention from the international scene. From sold-out venues to a debut album that has been categorized as a classic, the ride has been incredible. For more than a decade Dafuniks has shared stages with numerous of “teenage idols” and collaborated with a crazy amount of talented people from Afrika Baby Bam (Jungle Brothers) to the Danish rap-genius Particle Man.
Last mentioned was introduced as a feature on the hit-song “Soul Searching”, so when it came to the decision of the feature on the new single, the answer was easy.
“Brakes On” is a mellow, head nodding tune that celebrates the moment and time you spend with your loved ones.
The theme is about slowing down when life gets too hectic. It’s about the need to keep up the pace and appearances and about feeling alienated at your workplace.

Together with the first single, there will be an animated video made in collaboration with and old-time friend and collaborator Claus Gasque and his company “Carousel Studio”. The video is inspired by the animation style of the legendary “South Park” and together with Gasque’s unique “Homie Homage” drawing style the sound and picture blends perfectly together.
The release is the first step in the direction of an EP-release which will also feature a comeback from the Danish emcee Kuku Agami.
released March 31, 2023