Botchulism by Mustard Tiger


Former Granville Sessions frontmen and current Moose Funk Squad members have returned. MNSR Frites, Archetype and Luca Brazi finally join forces for Mustard Tiger, their full-length debut as a trio.

Having already written and performed nationally together for over a decade, this long overdue LP showcases the effortless chemistry these respective artists have honed during their time as touring band members and established solo acts.

Archetype is an audio craftsman, capable of both intricate rhyme schemes and a dynamic vocal ability to boot. MNSR Frites has flows for days, with unpredictable and complex wordplay that results in stunning verses. Luca Brazi always delivers hard hitting bars and punchline haymakers, while providing the stylistic sample based production to formulate the beast that is Mustard Tiger.

The soundscapes are seamless. Sophisticated use of soulful samples over stripped down drums are often at odds with the blunt lyricism that peppers the project.

Botchulism is an album about patience, practice, desire and achievement. The perseverance needed to learn from mistakes and make it right eventually. To trust the journey, dedicate time to your craft, create your own lane and to always stay mustard.
releases October 1, 2021

Written and performed by Mustard Tiger
(Archetype, Mnsr Frites and Luca Brazi)
Produced by Luca Brazi
Cuts by DJ Sugai
Recorded by Zatoichi’s Ears at Gold On The Mixer
And Mnsr Frites at Ikejiri Castles
Mixed and mastered by Forest DLG at
Artwork by

©℗ Broke Records 2021, BRS007