Black Mamba
by Luke Beats

Having played the bass since 1995 and shaped beats since 2010, Luke Beats finally makes his long awaited first beat tape: “Instrumentalis”.
Known in Italy as a high prolific musician in the Hip Hop scene, Luke chops samples with his MPC and SP404 and creates beats that sound like mantra.

Musically speaking he took inspiration from the greats J Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock, and the first single’s videoclip is a tribute to the cult kung fu movies from the 70’s, which had also inspired Tarantino for his Kill Bill movies. Hence, the single’s title takes the name of Kill Bill’s protagonist: Black Mamba.

This debut is going to see the light on November 19th, and it’ll only be the first of 3 beat tapes that are going to be released in the next months.
released November 12, 2021

Prod & Mix by Luke Beats
Master by Giuseppe Petrelli
Video by Filmahead

Little Beat More 2021