Black Family Ties (Lord Hakim Remix) by Sonny Blanco feat. Atlaz, Kcirrem, & Ray Swoope

Chicago, IL. emcees Sonny Blanco, Atlaz, Kcirrem, & Ray Swoope team up with Columbus, OH. producer Lord Hakim for the mafioso themed “Black Family Ties”.
“Bugsy Siegal at the Regal Beagle/Sammy Giancana at the Tropicana/They found Gravano living in Polanco/Joey Bonnano linking with Sonny Blanco/Calderon was serving Al Capone/Sammy Carlisi called a meeting with Jackie Cerrone/Joey Lombardo in the auto with Johnny DeFranzo/Gotti was boss he whacked Paul Costellano”- Ray Swoope