Big Judas – Lord G.O.A.T. feat. Kool Keith (Official Video) Audio Crack Records & Stranger Danger Present Jugga Da Beast’s solo debut album “Big Judas”! Audio Crack Records super producer Stranger Danger is bringing you another classic Hip Hop album with local known emcee Big Judas aka Jugga Da Beast of LA underground groups Live Radio & Soul Jugglerz. 11 Hot underground tracks with special guest appearances by the legendary Kool Keith, Killah Priest, AMXone, Hokin, & DJ Lime Green! Now Available on all digital & streaming serbices online! Click the link & also check out interviews with DigginDaily, The B-Side Show, & The Super Audio network:… There is an Open Pre-order for a limited physical release on Vinyl, CD’s, & Tapes for Pre-order on Bandcamp, including a package deal of all 3 physicals for $60+ shipping! We will announce when physicals are in production & we are ready to ship them out! Make sure you get a physical copy of the album for the rest of your ACR collection while theyre available! You will receive a digital copy of the album in addition to your physical purchase. Order Audio Crack Records merch NOW on our new merch store live at ACRMERCH.COM More content will be added over time, order now with the promo code BIGJUDAS & receive 10% off of your purchase for a limited time through the albums release! In addition to that celebrating another Audio Crack release, the ACR catalog of 23 albums including 2 Masta Buildas & Apakalypse of E.S.F. collaborations are 40% off for a limited time! Thats the biggest sale we’ve had yet! Find us on social media & connect with us! #BigJudas #KoolKeith If you want to contact me, you must write to me at the email address in the “about” section of the main page of the channel or on instagram: @pakatheplug