Beuys N The Hood by DKTR DGMA , George Midas , ReformaX

Berlin based german producer and mc DKTR DGMA aka Snake Versus Crane has written 3 Tracks in memory of a Zeitgeist revealing to Joseph Beuys. Trying to catch some certain topics and points of view from this unbelievable Artist and Visionist Jospeh Beuys.

Beuys N The Hood

This project is not about the three friends Tré Styles, Doughboy and Ricky.
Nor about Los Angeles or gangs and street fights.

It’s about Joseph Beuys, a man who fought his very own battle.
Many young people know Joseph Beuys “only” as an artist,
but in the opinion of the rapper DKTR DGMA (Doctor Dogma) this is only one aspect of a broad personality
which it is worth to go on the trace.
Beuys N the Hood is divided into 3 acts that invite the listener to “beam” Joseph Beuys into the present day.