Before Light / Calm as Water by Onse TSW & Kalki 3rd album of mine with Onse & Hanto, FREE download, in 3 languages, with 3 worldwide artists and a Bruce Lee intro. “Calm as Water/Calme Comme L’Eau” (Prod. by Onse & Hanto) I wrote my parts of this early this year in graffiti on leftover paper while I was locked up on a 3 year sentence, framed for attempted murder on a racist cop and put on 24 hour lockdown in the high security section with two assigned security guards, a place which I never thought I’d get out of alive because of several murder attempts on my person, weekly forced injections and pills far beyond maximum dosages and not even 5 minutes a week to go for a smoke break or fresh air… This album is a glimpse into my mind at a time where Onse’s spirit was guiding me & all I could do was meditate, shadowbox, do yoga, eat and sleep for what seemed like an eternity and I was given no known release date either. Crazy what discipline and training on an ital diet can do in extreme circumstances to preserve our conscience and spirit despite facing impossible odds. Graffiti artwork by the Aeon Elena Koteva credits released November 29, 2022 Prod. by Onse & Hanto