BE TOGETHER – DJ Jean Maron feat M-DOt & Raene (graffiti time lapse)

Song taken from the album titled CANDY BOX.

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Composed by: DJ Jean Maron
Written by : M-Dot, Raene
Mixed by: Ray Wilson
Mastered by: Miloud SASSI (DB MASTER PRO)
Label: Bring back my yesterday
Distributor: Soulspazm Records

Graffiti by : XELA (
Footage : XELA
Photos (time lapse): XELA
Cameras: XELA , KAFAR
Spray cans sponsored by KAFAR (…)
Video edit: DJ Jean Maron

The 45-year-old French producer has been exploring new genres of music, a sound that still struggles to find an appropriate title due to its various inspirations and influences, pulling from Rap’s hardest 808’s and the smoothest House-beat synths, soulful horns and funky guitar rifts.
Up to the way that he’s now able to fuse the worlds of Dance, Hip-Hop, R&B and Rap together so effortlessly. It naturally gave birth to his new album titled CANDY BOX.

Life works out in ways that you can’t explain
When you’re down & out thinking that you can’t maintain
When your blinded, lost, need to regroup
Visions cloudy, the fog can’t see through
That’s where I was, falling down a black hole
I had Hoped to sink, while calling for the raft tho
My ex wanted no part, packed & moved on
Off & on fights, with the nights on the futon/
(Yeah) Then it all changed…..
She walked in my life,
And it mended all things
She’s an Angel that showed me the right path
And when I’m wrong there’s no need to fight back
Picks me up when I’m down, I’m a better me
If musics my life, then she provides the melody
You remind me what it feels to give more
And each second with you is something I live for

Let it change, don’t know what I knew before
Rearrange my heart, it could be enough
These mistakes, teach us to be sure
Lead us to another door
Lead us to another door

So now our life comes together for a special bond
Smiling all the time, feeling like the stress is gone
We often speak without talking a word
Next to me there’s no one else I want walking this earth
I first though had planned to fight it
But you made my kid yours and became united
Two families connected like a puzzle piece
You hold the fort down when I’m gone for a couple weeks
I can’t explain How grateful I am
In hopes, one day that you’re taking my hand
It’s a blessing to know you got my back right
The outside noise don’t effect us we’re that tight
I’m happiest when I see you with the kids
The way they look at you, I watch, as they learn to live
You remind me what it feels to give more
And each second with you is something I live for

I don’t wanna feel away
I was counting down to better days
Till you came knocking
No I can’t stop it
Everything around me changed
Well I thought that I knew that my place
But you re wrote it
Want you to know this

Ohohoh Oh hum no no
Ohohoh Oh hum no no

This song is dedicated to Sabrina and Nicole
Nicole (echo)
Sabrina (echo)

Ohohoh Oh hum no no
Hey yeah, hey yeah, no no