Battle of the Angelz by Sleep Sinatra, The Architect

Peace to the Legendary Architect The ArchAngel of Souls of Mischief Crew. Its an Honor.
released March 3, 2023

Written/mixed by Sleep Sinatra
Produced by The Architect
Mastered by Joe Gibbs

Cover Art by Jonathan Bishop

Bishop on the Cover Art Design Functionality/Aesthetic :

“The barcode functions (leads to a old Eva toy), the ISBN number belongs to a real art book, the Japanese is a translation from the Evangelion manga, and the quote on the right is from the anime. ”

“Sleep’s character had his signature silohuette and lower grill. The Eva is base on a persona I dreamed up. The head resembles a mideval plague mask often worn by the Sandman (DC comics) and the back is more tank-like, methodical and unrelenting.”