Baile en el Infierno / Villa Incepci​ò​n
by Conjunto Media Luna


“Baile en el Infierno” & “Villa Incepciòn” are the new singles from Bogota-based cumbia band Conjunto Media Luna. Directed by accordionist and producer Iván Medellín, Conjunto Media Luna makes a sound shift towards fresher and more street sounds influenced by the Sonideros from Monterrey, and the Chicano movement of the Low Rider Kumbias from California. However, Conjunto Media Luna still sticks to their roots by homaging the original format of the traditional Cumbia Sabanera from the Montes de María region of Colombia and including accordion licks that remind of Andrés Landero’s style.

“Baile en el Infierno” (Dance in Hell) is a collaboration with the talented musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist and tropical vampire María Mallol Moya (Natura Morta, Rhabdomantic Orchestra). This song tells the story of a mysterious nocturnal call that cumbia makes: a call that obligues to be possessed by the back-and-forth movement of Satan’s hips. With a traditional sabanero percussion and a hint of machine drums and synths, the bass has the perfect ground to control the mesmerizing sound of the accordion. All wraps up in a voice game that wings between sensuality and macabreness and that make this song an absolute dance floor… more
releases December 2, 2022

Prod. by Conjunto Media Luna

Música / Music: Iván Medellín
Letra / Lyrics on “Baile en el Infierno”: María Mallol Moya
Producido por / Produced by: Iván Medellín
Producción Ejecutiva / Executive Producer: Amelia Savage
Arte / Art: Stephanie Ascanio G.
Vinyl Master: Simone Squillario

Grabado en Mambo Negro Records, Bogotá, Colombia 2022

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