Bad FX & Abud.SP – Mindstate feat. DJ Novsete (Official Video) | #Krekpek


We are excited to announce MINDSTATE, the new album by Bad FX and Abud.SP set to release on March 10, 2023.

Abud.SP is one of the original beat heads from São Paulo / SP, a place where hip hop culture infected peoples’ DNA, since it’s the closest thing to a local folklore they had. Abud is a devoted golden era spirit whose creative ritual is vinyl-sampled, MPC-processed and scratch-infused. He was born in breaks and raised in rhythm, largely fed by jazz and instrumental music.

Bad FX is a Jamaican born in London and a resident microphone fiend with musical roots in reggae/dancehall, hip hop and church. A true underground king and an emcee as part of the Omniverse crew, whose other members also make appearances throughout the journey of Mindstate. For years he put in hard work in the studio producing, recording, general engineering and has produced many epic hip hop contributions, he features regularly on UK underground boom bap specials.

It’s only fitting that a cat, like Abud, with a vast sound palette would find a twin soul like Bad FX in a land far away from home. Their collaboration was meant to be. And when things are meant to be, not even the ocean in between can stop the groove. This album is proof of that. They both have the same mindstate.

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