Authentic by VerseBorn ft. Es x Flamingo Fred

VerseBorn’s “Authentic” featuring Es and Flamingo Fred is a song that celebrates being true to oneself and staying authentic in a world that often pressures people to conform. The song highlights the importance of having knowledge of oneself, and the consequences that can arise when someone lacks that knowledge.

Es starts off the song by rapping about being an individual and not following trends. He puts the “awe” in authentic, staying on point even when off-centered. He stresses the importance of knowing oneself and the benefits it brings. Es talks about his life experience giving him vision, and his music imitating his life. He raps about embracing his truths and having a loyal following of faithful fans who appreciate his authenticity.

In the second verse, Flamingo Fred adds his perspective, mentioning his journey to find himself, and not wanting to duplicate others. He talks about being amazing in his own right and not fitting into a box. Fred also speaks of transmitting telepathic rhymes that will help the blind find the spaceship, indicating the depth of his creativity.

VerseBorn takes the final verse, emphasizing his authenticity and his refusal to change his style. He expresses his thoughts on throwing Molotovs and never stopping. He mentions his hopes that his music will reach and help others, and he acknowledges his flaws but chooses to see the glass as half full.

Overall, “Authentic” is a song that celebrates individuality, encourages self-knowledge, and promotes the idea of staying true to oneself. The catchy hook and smooth flow of the verses make it an enjoyable and inspiring listen.