Aspects by Vice Beats

Aspects is Bristol (UK) based producer Vice beats’ second full length vinyl release, the first being the only official UK based J Dilla tribute to date, entitled “Dilla: The Timeless Tribute”.

Having worked with the likes of Akil Tha MC, A-Plus (Souls Of Mischief), ASM, Nutty P, Audessey, Greg Blackman and many more, Vice beats explores the meaning of connection through Aspects; a concept album that weaves its way through emotions, views and countries, finding an array of unique voices along the way.

The album hosts a stellar cast of musicians, including the lead single “Connected” which features the legendary lyricist Blu (Exile, J Dilla, The Roots, Madlib and more) alongside the supreme MC skills of Napoleon Da Legend, and cuts from UK based scratch wizard JabbaThaKut.

Aspects was born into a pandemic, and created throughout covid; it is essentially a panegyric to the importance of interconnection, with Vice beats charting his own journey, from the wait for the birth of his son, Eben, to navigating the loss of connection through Covid restrictions. It took two years to complete. As the album launches into the universe it delves into the personal worlds of a host of talented live musicians and artists such as Pseudo Slang, Mac Lloyd, Tommy Evans and many more, we get to explore… more
releases May 26, 2023

All tracks produced and mixed by James “Vice beats” Kennaby on behalf of EQ Music.

Album mastered by Chris Latham for Cosmic Trigger Audio

Artwork by Nearski

Released by HHV Records and EQ Music