As Open As The Air by Cap Jones

released May 16, 2023
Lyrics: Cap Jones
Production: Cap Jones
Live Bass: Billy Deal
Mastering: Jamie King Audio –

Love and Admiration To: My Mother, My Friend, My Inspiration and My Champion. You are forever with me and I love you. Thank you endlessly. Happy Mother’s Day

Love to my light source and meditation partner Veronica Perez. Thank you for every moment.

Extra Special thanks to Billy Deal for the Illest Bass lines on earth. We got more to do Mick! Shout out and Thanks to my brother, The River Boat Gambler and Coolest in the Business, Jay McElfresh. It’s still Day One Week One. Peace to my Zack & Gammorad and the whole Dead World Radio Collective. Peace and Gratitude to my man Yage Beats. Peace and Appreciation to Knowledge Born Allah at Do The Knowledge Radio, The One and Only, Killah Priest, The Royal Priesthood, the entire Killah Priest Podcraft. Stay Open. Stay In The Present Moment. Stay Free. Stay Mindful and Stay Thankful.