by King Khan Shamanic & Palmer Eldritch

APERÇU – a comment or brief reference that makes an illuminating or entertaining point.

Words from the Shaman

First of all, much love & appreciation for mi gran compadre Palmer Eldritch, his friendship & his musical prowess. Without him, el resto no es posible.

This collection of tracks act as a bookend to a certain phase of my rapping journey – a couple of these raps are 6-7 years old, around when I first started rhyming seriously. Others are more recent, all the way up to a verse penned two summers ago – but all feel like they share a similar, frenetic style that are probably best served in this short form.

In over 15 years of making music together, it’s kinda ridiculous that this is the first time we’ve completed a project, but having finally kicked off, we’re making sure it won’t be the last…

Much love to you if you can place all the dialogue & monologue clips, their use is highly intentional & a nostalgic trip down our own memory lanes. I hope you enjoy listening to this half as much as we enjoyed making it, Peace!
released August 28, 2020

Words by King Khan Shamanic
Beats by Palmer Eldritch
Mixed & Mastered by Palmer Eldritch
Artwork by Sesh

Copyright – Inner Peace Records & ARKHANA Productions