Akhenaton – Plein de si – Prod by Akhenaton

Album Tale of frustration
“The story of a character who confuses his need for recognition with his passion, which will lead him to blame the people around him for his “pseudo failure”… This tale tells how his frustration leads him to his descent into hell.

I wrote this album in 2005 at the same time as “Soldiers of Fortune”.

The “story telling” is a genre that I like a lot in rap and I wanted to write a series of tracks where we would find the same characters in the heart of a story with the ambition to make a movie from this album.

The opposite of a “movie soundtrack”, we will say that it is the “original movie of the album” that I co-directed with my friend Didier D.Daarwin.

Each performer of the album is interpreted by an actress or an actor: Amel Bent/Leila Bekti; Faf Larage/Roschdy Zem; Veust/Omar Sy; Sako/Fred Testot; and myself by Nicolas Cazalé.

I thank again all these artists for their participation in this project and for their confidence. Thanks also to Marie Guillard, Rivka, Oxmo Puccino, Soprano and all the participants of this film, including Yves Bigot who signed the project at France Télévisions and who was thanked before the broadcast 🙏🏼.

Thanks to France Televisions for believing in this project by broadcasting it on 8/08/2010 at 10:45 pm, which forced us to release the album on 26/07/2010 and to the CSA (now the ARCOM) for having classified the film, prohibiting it to people under 16 years.

But despite everything, beyond their “contempt”; this project remains a wonderful human and professional experience. I put one of my big dreams in a big box…

Today, a few years later and with hindsight, I am very proud to include this project in the celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop culture. “Tale of Frustration” will be available on vinyl on May 11th and in pre-release on May 1st.