Adam West High School by Odd Holiday, Mattic, Daylight Robbery!

Odd Holiday, a new Alt-Hip-Hop MC (Mattic) / producer duo (Daylight Robbery!), keeps one foot in underground nostalgia (Madlib / Alchemist) while simultaneously stepping into a new future. “Adam West High School” is the first single from the forthcoming album “L.I.S.A”. (Life is Strangely Altering) on the legendary NYC Fat Beats Records and Chinese Man Records imprint. The track drops into Griselda style haunting piano loops that evolve into disorientating jazz stabs and psychedelic sprinkles courtesy of Ghost in the Machine. The MC attacks the beat without letup, a one take verse that runs the whole length of the track, no hooks, pure lyrical wizardry that commands attention till the end.
released February 1, 2023