Action Sanchez is the a.k.a. current of Óscar Sánchez Pérez, born on February 24, 1977 in Seville. He grew up in the neighborhood of Pio XXII, and came into contact with Hip-Hop like many other Sevillians in the Sala Alcázar. He soon became more interested in rap, and later in DJing.

In about 1994, thanks to a friend, he met Zatu and Raulione, who were members of SFDK. DJ Blake joins the group and since then with SFDK he has recorded 3 demos, 2 maxis and 7 LPs.

In addition, he has a large number of solo models and collaborations in both music productions and scratches.

Head of the M began his musical career in the nineties, initially as a record producer, calling himself Bobby Lo. Later, he also began to participate in open mics. His first raps appeared in the model The Nation Online of South Nation, published in 1993.

As a producer, he produced demos for artists such as Keyo and Tote King, although his first major production was From the Chiqueros (Gross Zone, 2000) by SFDK. Later he would make productions for other nationally recognized artists of the genre, such as Nach, Triple XXX, Falsalarma or El Chojin, among others.

After editing his first musical reference in 2003 with the LP Entra el dragón, he created the record label Bobby Lo Records with MNK Records, 3 after which he began publishing a series of works, both albums by other groups and his own albums, collaborating with different rappers on the national scene, “becoming a reference in Spanish Hip Hop.”

In 2004, together with Big Hozone, he created the record studio Showtime Estudios, and a year later founded his own label, Soul Clap, after ceasing to collaborate with Big Hozone.

In 2005, already with his own record company, he released the double CD Escapismo. Also during the year 2005 he created the musical group Triada, together with El Niño and Ijah, publishing a simple maxi debut entitled Tres.

In 2006, after a year working mainly as a producer, he collaborated on Quiroga’s LP Historias de Q, later shooting the music video.

In early 2007, he released El Niño’s debut album, In Black and White, and in the same year released a free download mixtape via the Internet entitled Restlessness, initially shared on its official website and on its Myspace page. .

In 2011 he presented a new album called P.O.D.E.R., which includes collaborations with Gordo Master, Spanish Fly, Ijah, Cortesano, Keyo, Little Pepe, Rook Jack, Duddi Wallace and El Chobbi.

Throughout his career, Jefe de la M has made numerous musical productions, especially following the creation of his own record label in 2005, both his own productions and productions for other Spanish hip hop artists, with whom in sometimes he also collaborates.

To his productions and recordings must be added the audiovisual creations in the form of music videos he has been producing since 2010 under the name Soul Clap Media for artists from all over national hip hop.