Achepe – Guajiro Dream

GUAJIRO DREAM is a cry of hope for the new generations,
Achepe tells us in a nutshell some of the things that had to happen, including a tragic end for some of those closest to him, and to see the danger to his life very close to him on several occasions, going through betrayal and hypocrisy, demonstrating to the youth that not by having a school paper you will have a secure future.
He encourages the new generations not to lie or get carried away by the hype of the stories that have to be created under script with the aim of making the public believe something that does not exist, since the only ones affected in this case are the artists. And if there is no real effort in content, there will be no real reward either.
In Mexico a Guajiro dream means to have an unrealizable fantasy.

So if you have a dream, don’t let it be a guajiro dream.