78er (Chico’s Single Edit)
by DJ C.S.P.

At the end of the day, it’s always the people that influence my emotions. Especially in the hard times of my life, I’m happy to meet great people and artists from all over the world.

Many of you were born in 78 just like me and grew up listening to the same Hip Hop classics. Especially the Golden Era has shaped us and our taste in music and I feel like we are redefining that era together right now. Hip Hop needs more love again, good vibes and the values that give so much hold to our lives.

For me, the ’78er’ describes exactly that kind of hip hop romance that I discovered and learned to love for myself in the early ’90s. Of course, the ’78er’ represents all years and heads who feel the same way we do.

I am very grateful for my family, my longtime friends and new friendships that have accompanied me since my STILLaFAN release. Thank you so much for your support, love and respect.

We’re STILLaFAM and this song is for you. 1LOVE


Am Ende des Tages sind es immer die Menschen die meine Emotionen beeinflussen. Besonders in den harten Zeiten meines Lebens freue ich mich über die Begegnungen mit… more

l’ve got
all the Love you need
listen – I represent
l’ve got
all the Love you need
listen – I keep it goin’
oh yeah
released August 27, 2021

Produced, arranged and mixed by DJ C.S.P.
Cutz and scratches by DJ C.S.P.
Bass by Arne Horstmann
Mastering by Stephan ‘STI’ Buchenauer

Taken from the upcoming album ‘