3​-​Peat by Ice Karim & OUTWESTinc Following the success of their 2021 release “Ayah’s Sun”, Virginia emcee Ice Karim & Chicago-based creative OUTWESTinc return with three new tracks… pon yuh headtop! OUTWESTinc handles the production throughout, and provides an easel for Ice Karim to illustrate his life and the current state of the union, in hip-hop and AmeriKKKa. “Seasons” serves as re-introduction following over a year without hearing from Karim. He opens the track with a warning, repeating the words of the late Prodigy: “It’s a war goin on outside no man is safe from.” “’04 AZIATIC” is a neck-snapping, technical display of penmanship which pays homage to the legendary AZ, hence the track name. Ice Karim wields his lyrical sword over a hypnotizing, groovy soundscape from OUTWESTinc. If nothing else, this track shows that Karim is still a student of the game who loves to do his homework: “Carry it on, I love the tradition.” “Tuff Kufi is no different, as the hook interpolates some of hip-hop’s best choruses recorded. Karim touches on gentrification, the overturning of Roe v Wade, and the representation of his African people. While only three tracks, Ice Karim has a lot to say on “3-Peat”, but one lyric stands above the rest: “Ice Karim the most dangerous emcee.” credits released November 11, 2022 Written by Ice Karim Performed by Ice Karim Produced by OUTWESTinc Mixed by OUTWESTinc Mastered by OUTWESTinc Album Art by Kimarley Henry