25 Years of Hydrofunk by Hydrofunk Records Drawing from an extraordinary roster of past and present artists, the 35 track compilation features music from Resin Dogs , The Boy Of Many Colors , Downsyde , Calski , Ben Walsh , Tigermoth , Def Wish Cast , Bankrupt Billionaires , The Pharcyde , Breechboy , Thavy , Red Bantoo and more. 25 years strong from 1997 – 2022, The 25 th Anniversary Hydrofunk Records. Hydrofunk Records has certainly forged its place in Australian music history as officially the longest running independent Hip Hop label the nation has ever produced. Delivering fresh and tasty Australian hip-hop since before the turn of this century, the Label and studio have expanded over the past few years welcoming a stack of incredible local and international artist through its doors to create, record, mix, master and/or just kick back. Some of those artists Include Big AL Mawdsley, Tom Thum & Jamie, Sampology, Plutonic Lab, Delta Rigs, Abstract Rude, NFA, REMI, J Smith, Dialectrix, The Bird, Wolfmother, Tsun, Soy Dogs, Thavy, Def Wish Cast and BVA. A string of more recent releases include the long awaited album from Resin Dogs ‘- Notorious D.O.G’ Calski’s -‘Athletes’ Resin Dogs -Grand Theft Audio Vinyl re-release Indigenoise remarkable debut album ‘Old Ways New Age’ Plus singles from The Boy Of Many Colors much anticipated debut album due out in 2023. Hydrofunk Records has also steadily perused its long-lasting relationship with Japan conducting tours and collaborations with Tigermoth , UHNELLYS , Coma Chi featuring Indigenoise , and more. Mixing, Mastering, releasing music globally and enjoying a couple of years of watching the madness around us, Hydrofunk are still here doing what we can to enhance hip-hop right across Australia, as we always have here in Oz. Thank you everyone for 25 great years and here’s to many more to come. credits released October 14, 2022