22 Chapters Beyond the Origin by Silas Zephania 22 Chapters Beyond the Origin is the compilation of songs; constructed by the minds of Silas Zephnia and Enoredrum. Zeph is the lyricist and Eno is the prodoucer. Enoredrum is a producer who will remind you that Hip Hop beats are musical classics; his production is a mental film. Silas holds the microphone with linguistically cultural – modes of lyricism – sentimentality. The duo have successfully put together a body of work that will inspire Hip Hop purists. Enjoy the expansive poetry and the beat variety as you are transported back to the era of beats – loaded with layered wordplay. The topics are multifarious and the moods are both militant and melodic. From heavy hitting drums to delicate sound implementations – the listener will feel the power of musical imagination sponsored by the Rap Language of a Hip Hop Author. Ian Dunstan added his base guitar qualities when he contributed to the sound experience on the following songs; Gravity Components, Ceiling of the Afterlife, Love had a Reason in October and Timeless Realism. credits released October 28, 2022 Written by Silas Zephania Produced by Enoredrum Base guitar on 4 songs by Ian Dunstan London, UK