2 Sides To Every Story by Teflon

Teflon’s much-anticipated new album, 2 Sides to Every Story, is a celebratory moment for the Brooklyn native, who burst onto the scene as part of M.O.P.’s First Family during the late ‘90s New York rap scene. Following contractual headaches and some time away from the game, the acclaimed emcee is back like he never left. And he’s not doing it alone, either. Telfon is joined on this project by two of hip-hop’s finest producers and his closest collaborators, DJ Premier and Jazimoto, who split production duties down the middle.

Together, they’ve crafted a raw, mature album that showcases Teflon at the top of his lyrical game. And his mission statement is clear as soon as he starts spitting on the banger “Out the Gate.” Teflon still has that distinctive, instantly gripping voice that pulls you in, just so he can hit you over the head with dope wordplay and straight bars. His fire burns bright throughout the rest of the record, whether it’s on bangers like “No Fake Love” and “Hostile Takeover (feat. Benny the Butcher)” or socio-political joints like “Life in the FEDS” and “Contraband.”

While Teflon goes solo for a number of cuts on the album, he also calls on his M.O.P. brethren to provide their signature energy. The two Brownsville bruisers appear on “The Thoro Side” and “Know Our Way Around,” while Lil Fame also appears on the teeth-gritting “It Is What It Is.” It’s a true full circle moment for Teflon, whose name is heavily linked to M.O.P.’s discography since their ‘96 album, Firing Squad. And for hip-hop heads who have been bumping his music since then, this album couldn’t have arrived any sooner.

“I’m especially excited because the project was kicked off just as the pandemic set in and slowed down the process,” Teflon says. “Now that we are done, we can finally provide the fans with a complete body of music.”

2 Sides to Every Story is due out June 30 via 420 Music in partnership with Coalmine Records. Digital pre-orders are available now, with vinyl pre-orders set to be announced in time for the digital release date.
releases June 30, 2023

• Tracks 1, 5, 6, 8, 9 & 14 Produced by Jazimoto
• Tracks 2, 3, 4, 11 & 13 Produced by DJ Premier
• All Songs Mixed By DJ Premier & Parks At HeadQCourterz Studios
• All Songs Mastered By D-Sane For Digital Age Sound, Seattle, WA
• Executive Produced By DJ Premier & Matt Diamond
• Cover Designed by Dom Dirtee
• Album Layout By Frank “DJ Concept” DeMaria
• Editorial By Andrew Martin

• Teflon: www.instagram.com/teflon_m.o.p
• Jazimoto: www.instagram.com/motojazi
• DJ Premier: www.instagram.com/djpremier
• D-Sane: www.instagram.com/dsane206
• Dom Dirtee: www.instagram.com/domdirtee
• DJ Concept: www.instagram.com/concept1200
• Andrew Martin: www.instagram.com/andrewmartin520
• Coalmine Records: www.instagram.com/coalminerecords