18​.​03 by Lynx196.9 Arturo Banbini If inspired, there’s no stopping this stream of creative juice. Becoming focus to the point of obsession, basically transforming into a well oiled writing machine. Fresh off the success and label placement of Tapestry, Arturo Banbini and I, immediately went back in on our sophomore project. This time with a more crafted theme in mind, bigger soundscapes and a combined effort to give our audience a widespread in variations of sounds. We often joke on how Tapestry, was made for our ears only, but found it’s way into people’s heart. We weren’t thinking of an audience then, just selfishly experimenting with the boundaries of sounds, based primarily in jazz. With 1803, we aimed higher, with legendary features from the likes of Kool Keith aka Dr. Octagon and Sadat X from one the most influential groups in Hiphop Brand Nubian, scratches from Finland’s based crew Cut Beetlez and Paavo from the Common and Normal clique. Personally I think Arturo Banbini have my thoughts bugged, because he always sends me that perfect canvas, to paint on, even when I might not know it at first. I cant say we work well together, because it doesn’t feel like work, it’s more of an experience in passing being captured. A quick snap, into the current, no filters just raw and unadulterated sounds clips of our lives as it happens. What does 1803 means? You might ask, another one of those miraculous coincidences between us. We’re both water signs, born on March eighteenth, Pisces at that haha. What are the odds, we thought amongst ourselves and came to the conclusion to bring something similar and personal from both of us to world this time around. 196.9 credits releases December 9, 2022