16 Years of Fliptrix: From Speakers Corner to Off-Grid living – Platform B FULL INTERVIEW

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“If you made music, you had to be hustling it on the street with a CD…”

Speaking on Platform B Radio, @mrfliptrix opens up on the decision to move to Portugal, off-grid living, and details the highs and lows of his musical journey spanning sixteen years, from 2007’s ‘Force Fed Imagery’ to 2023’s ‘Mantra No. 9’.

‘Mantra No. 9’ is OUT NOW.

With thanks to Solomon (@sp.mcc)

0:00 – Mantra No. 9 – The ninth album release
0:57 – Numerology
3:45 – The Early Days; the Low Life era
6:11 – Music as a reflection of one’s environment
9:22 – Fliptrix’s musical journey
10:30 – Returning to the UK
12:10 – Will there be a tenth Fliptrix album?
13:03 – Discovering new talent for HF
14:12 – A day in the life
14:42 – Is it still ‘Just For Fun?’
15:11 – What’s next?

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