🦂 by Bro of Few Words

Wanted to release a Super lofi Kung fu tape inspired by the “5 Deadly Venoms” movie. So I went on the hunt of the best martial artists in the business to restore the way of the Lofi.
Too many people dropped out from school because of this lofi “Do your math slow mode loops” shit.
Back in the days we used to listen to this gritty unpredictable music when skipping school to play ball or chill with the crew. Homeworks? Really? Wtf, Get the fuck off that, punk smoov shit, man!!

Unfortunately, only been able to convince 3 senseis over 5 to join the project. One retired in the woods to medidate, learn Ukulele, and unearth the Yeti, hope he still has batteries left. The other one is looking for a tailor able to create a made to mesure Tuxedo for his wedding with Sera. Too much gym. Still, Peace be upon them all.

Poison clan being incomplete, I decided to fulfill all the roles and do all the stunts.

6 tapes, 6 tracks per tape. 6×6, It s simple Mathematics!

If i can achieve this project – i must admit i quickly weary – all money raised would go to charity.
Cause Wu tang is for the Children! ✌🏽