к​о​г​д​а на н​е​б​е з​в​е​з​д​ы
by громъ x bloodmasta cut

streaming: share.amuse.io/album/grom-kogda-na-nebe-zvezdy

лiхтарик video clip: www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-ZcD4QkouI

“it is said that writers write at night. so let them speak! I don’t want to dissuade anyone from this.
i want to present you my vision of this romanticized myth inspired by n.v. gogol, the story of one night, in which poetry, music, thoughts, dreams, feelings and dreams are intertwined, when you are in a special, quivering mood and are so afraid of losing it, when it seems that the whole world has stopped and we must certainly have time, have time to write down and capture everything, when a new day is about to knock on the window and life will sparkle with new, bright colors.” – громъ

lyrics: громъ


beats / production: bloodmasta cut


mixing / mastering / video clip “лiхтарик” director : horov.v

released October 19, 2022

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