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Verb T (Four Owls) - 10 Of My Favourite UK Hip-Hop Tracks (Interview) (2015) (
Ahead of the Four Owls appearance at the o2 Academy this Saturday 4th April we caught up with Verb T, one of the 4 owls to talk about the UK Hip-Hop which was significant to him personally, so in no particular order… 10 of Verb T’s favourite UK Hip-Hop Tracks…

Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days

“Obviously Witness the Fitness was the classic single from ‘Run come save me’ but my personal favourite was this track, I just love when an artist can make something laid back and dreamy that is banging at the same time, I think Roots is as highly regarded as he is because of the strength and originality of his song writing.”

Blak Twang - Dettwork South East

“Might be the first UK Hip-Hop (UKHH) 12″ I ever bought, I think that song was a bench mark for London hip-hop in the same way ‘How’s life in London’ by London Posse was.”

Rodney P & Skitz - Dedication

“I didn’t really know Rodney P’s group London Posse when I first started Listening to UKHH but I knew about and loved “How’s life in London“. I was a fan of Skitz production on “Finger prints of the Gods” and as a partnership these 2 worked really well, This 12″ got a lot of play around that time when my playlist was full of US stuff, it was a huge anthem.”

Braintax - Escuchame

“A lot has been said about Braintax since the end of Low Life Records and it’s a shame because it kind of taints the legacy of what, at the time, was a great label to be a part of. This track was produced by Ben Grymm who I think is one of the best producers the UK has produced before, he didn’t have as much music out to showcase his skill so alot of people don’t know of him. Braintax I always found to be a very original writer and just a good artist in general particularly with his earlier music.”

Klashnekoff – Parrowdice

“Murda was obviously the big song from this 12″ single that everyone went crazy over and rightly so but this beat was my favorite type of Harry Love production, dark, hypnotic and deeply layered. Kyza and Skriblah are also two supremely talented rappers so having them included on here is a bonus.”

Skinnyman – No Big Ting

“My Favorite track from what is one of the biggest albums in UKHH history. Skinnyman really did make a classic album and I like the message on this track of making the best of your situation. Skinnyman had a huge persona and people looked up to him a lot but as far as I experienced he didn’t seem to get carried away with ego. When I was a kid coming up he didn’t really know me that well personally but he always took time to say whats up and say encouraging things to me about music.”

Mystro – Strong Rhyming

“I was around Mystro a lot at this point in time and he was definitely the king of flows and punch lines. This track is just a perfect example of it, Harry Love with a raw beat made on the SP 1200 and Mystro just rips it to shreds basically.”

Yungun – City Breaks

“Yungun aka Essa is another master of the craft when he made this track I really felt what he was saying. I think as an artist he was so far ahead of his time, I have tapes (yes tapes) from around 2000 that are better than a lot of peoples tracks now, it’s a shame a lot of that stuff went unreleased but if you look back at his work rate you can see he made a lot of good music that was released. Also LG on the production is another one of UK hip hops unsung heros, he really is a great producer.”

Kashmere – The Ark

“I always thought Kashmere had the illest imagery and killer flows. This track is proof of both, tight production from DJ IQ as well, very original all round.”

M9 – Cosmos

“I first heard M9 on the Chemo produced song “Cold” with Skriblah and thought he was good, since then I think he has continued to evolve and excel as a lyricist. One of the most poetic rappers you will hear and this song is evidence of that. The beat by french producer Parental is golden as well.”

The Four Owls – Not Like Before

“OK, so I’m including my crews track but it’s down to the fact I’m a huge fan of Leaf, Flips and BVA as well as being in a crew with them. This song was the beginning of the journey and remains one of our most popular tracks.”

Some absolute corkers in there, big thanks to Verb T for catching up with us! You can see the Four Owls Saturday 4th April at the o2 Academy as part of their UK Album Tour joined by High Focus label mate Onoe Caponoe, who’s just released his album ‘Voices From Planet Cattele‘ which features UK don Jehst with support from DJ Madnice and DMC finalist Andy H.

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