• Corto Maltez - Ganjafields & Helicopters Remix (Prod. Truffel The Phunky Pha...
    Da Shogunz are proud to present the official music video, 'GanjaFields
    & Helicopters (Remix)', the featured debut single from the upcoming
    Corto Maltez album, 'Young, Wild & Corrupt', due to be released 2018

    Prod. Truffel The Phunky Phaqir (2016)
    Directed By. NTAN
    Mix. Corto Maltez & Eversor
    Mastering. Ivo Statinski
    Shot and edited by NTAN & Sifu VERSUS
    Assistant Of Photography. Sifu VERSUS
    We would like to thank everybody involved

  • Cage - Agent Orange
    w00t - old one got del . on YT
  • Combine Vibes - Sing (2015)
    From: Combine Vibes - Freshly Made

    top.nax: the messenger
    b3nbi: the medium
    delicious: the artwork

    Epiq: soundcloud.com/mariah-harvey-jordan/
    Moss Orion: soundcloud.com/mossferatu
    Bill Biggz: soundcloud.com/bill-biggz
  • Epidemic & Dreamtek - Stealth Bombers (Prod. Loop Holes) (2014)
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    01. Prey
    02. Cage Ish
    03. Deep Impact
    04. Stealth Bombers
    05. Test Mine
    06. Venting
    07. Play My Corner (Feat. Efeks)
    08. How We Do
    09. Raw Raps (Feat Robust)
    [*]. Untitled Track (Bonus Track)

    The first installment of a "Bassment Tapes" series, each including a different guest emcee and sonic atmosphere as well an assortment of different producers. "Write To Remain Violent" takes Epidemic back to its hardcore roots with a vengeance. Chicago native: Dreamtek joins forces with the lyrical duo as the three emcees go toe to toe in a battle of lyrical supremacy over hardcore boom bap production. Producers include Double Lyfe, The Loop Holes, Giallo Point, DJ Qvali, One-Take, and 5th Element, while guest features include Efeks, Robust and DJ Tha Boss. Each "Bassment Tapes" project is specifically intended for a 12" release (hence the 30 min length) and will be initially released as a limited edition cassette tape.
  • Heavy Artillery - The Expedition (2015)
    June Marx/Resolute/DJ Ambideckstriks video collage for Heavy Artillery track "The Expedition" from the Endless Winter album
    Stream album here:
  • Jise ft. Freestyle (The Arsonists) - [email protected] (Prod. Drasdj) (2015)
    Artist: Jise
    Song: "[email protected]" ft. Freestyle (The Arsonists)
    Album: "The Passion Of Jise"

    "[email protected]" is a track off the Long anticipated "The Passion Of Jise" LP. It's featuring The Arsonists crew Alumni Freestyle and is produced by Drasdj. "The Passion Of Jise" is set to be released on 3/17/15 through Creative Juices Music.
    The video was shot and directed by Geraldo "Jise" Barreto and Kenneth Shumaker of TimeBomb Pictures.
    Special thanks to James Elliot, Eduardo Santiago, PhotobysoL (Isis H. Martinez), Kenneth Shumaker from Time Bomb Pictures, Q-Unique for mixing the music for the album. All my Arsonists and Creative Juices Music fam for all their support.


  • Alucard ft. Ide & Midaz - Walk In The Park (2009)
    Alucard: Watch Them Fall

    Featuring: Critical (of Critical Madness); DJ Jedi; Destruments; IDE; Jise (of Arsonists); L.I.F.E. Long; Midaz; Savage Messiah; U.G. (of Cella Dwellas)

    Producers: 2 Hungry Brothers (Deep + Ben Boogie); Alucard; DJ Caique; DJ Connect; Destruments; Evil B; Hitfarmers; Ide; Kryptonite; Real 6; Tzar; White Shadow; Whitey McCracker

    Watch Them Fall was pre-released in 2008 as a limited edition mixtape. It
    was accepted as a top underground indi record for the year, and was soon
    sold out everywhere. As opposed to re-press the mixtape, Creative Juices
    Music has decided to re-release it as an official LP. The Watch Them Fall
    re-press has been re-mastered and includes 5 brand new tracks; With new
    original art done by Alucard himself. Watch Them Fall is a collection of
    some of Alucards best material over the last 10 years. This is a grim story
    of a boy who became a man, and how he learned to channel his inner demons
    through hip hop.
  • uMaNg - Portrait Of Ruin (Prod. B.B.Z Darney) (2014)


    With two full-length albums already under their belts that garnered them buzz in the underground ("Lasting Impressions" & "The Revisited"), New Jersey originated emcee uMaNg, reunites with Swedish producer B.B.Z. Darney ("The Boom Bappin' Zombie"), to complete their trilogy of albums with their label debut on Ill Adrenaline Records entitled, "The Black Rose Certificate."

    Shortly after inking a deal with the label, the next eight months would find uMaNg & B.B.Z. embarking on a musical journey that would result in their most personal & brutally honest record to date. The title "The Black Rose Certificate", while a representation of many a symbolism, reflects the duo's state of mind, the hand they've been dealt as typecasts in society. Since being impossible to produce a "black rose" also stands for purest devotion. A kind of devotion that uMaNg & B.B.Z. put forth in their respected crafts.

    Over the course of 14 tracks, the duo sonically stick to their traditional "boom-bap" roots, whilst also bringing sounds that range from "darker" to "aggressive", to even more "melancholic". The production B.B.Z. Darney showcases is heavier, more conceptual than previous releases. uMaNg has been notable throughout his career for being a clever & witty, punchline heavy emcee. While staying true to his stylings on the mic, he gets deeper & more transparent than past albums have suggested. For every braggadocious track, there is another where the Jersey emcee bares his soul through the pen, opening up about past discretions, family HIStory, amongst other topics on the emcee's mind. Also unlike "Lasting Impressions" & "The Revisited", that found the duo being the lone contributors to their works alongside the legendary DJ Grazzhoppa, they now bring along with them close collaborators as well as in-label artists. The album features tracks from the likes of Brick City veteran and close Artifacts affiliate Beneficence, Purpose of the Tragic Allies camp, close friends HexOne & Tek-nition of the critically acclaimed duo Epidemic, and Hashfinger to lend their talents and further enhance the album's disposition.

  • J.R. - Slums Of The City [Heatseekers] (2015)
    At 23 years old, South Florida's J.R. is poised to make big moves this year. Part of the South$ide Sounds indie collective, he drops his "Slums Of The City" video with us, gearing up for the release of his first full-length project this summer.

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  • Swamp Dons - Rapture (Prod. Katch) (2015)
    From: Swamp Dons - From The Bogs

    Three track E.P from Swamp Dons.
    released 17 February 2015

    Lyrics: Katch, Mister E, Jaymundo, See Why
    Production: Katch
  • Jazz Spastiks & Rebels To The Grain - Tapes (2015)
    From: Jazz Spastiks & Rebels To The Grain - Tapes
  • Frank Castle - Downtown Kids II ( Dir By @ShotByMGF ) (2015)
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    "Downtown Kids II" is Frank Castle new music video off "Downtown Kids EP". Inspired by "The Pharcyde", the video was shot completely backwards. It took Frank Castle a year to learn the lyrics backwards in order to execute on the illusion of everyone moving backwards while rhyming forward and moving forward. The track was produced by AMOTBeats and the video directed by Michael Garcia (AKA ShotByMGF).

    Download "Downtown Kids EP" On iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/album/id955936539


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  • Edo. G - Revolution (Pawcut Remix) (Cuts by Kallsen) (2015)
    From: Pawcut - Smoke Break EP

    All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Pawcut.

    Cuts by Kallsen & DJ Access

    Artwork by Herr Pixel
  • 7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi) - Without You (Prod. Purpose) 2...
    7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi)
    "Without You"
    Produced by Purpose
    First single taken off the album "Golden Era Music Sciences" dropping 05/14/2013 on Ill Adrenaline Records.
    Filmed by P. Silva (Solid Connect)
    Edited by Donald Robinson Cole III

    Purchase "Without You" on iTunes:

    Order the album on iTunes:

    Album available on CD/digital formats (05/14/13), and 2LP (06/25/13).
    Worldwide distribution by Fat Beats and Foundation Media.

    Pre-order a physical copy (CD) of the album here:

    Or order here:

    After releasing classic albums by Rashad & Confidence, Beneficence and Purpose & Confidence during the last couple years, Ill Adrenaline Records strikes again with another powerful and mind blowing full length. Hailing from Lynn, Massachusetts, the Tragic Allies trio Purpose, Estee Nack and Code Nine team up with Queensbridge veteran Tragedy Khadafi aka Intelligent Hoodlum to form the group "7 G.E.M.S.".

    The album entitled "Golden Era Music Sciences" delivers that raw, sinister, dusty and mellow-dramatic 90's boom-bap retro style sound, laying the perfect platform for the message of enlightenment, elevation and expression the group offers its listeners on this 16-track heater.

    While super-producer Confidence handled all the production on the critically acclaimed underground classic "The Purpose of Confidence" (Ill Adrenaline Records, 2012), Purpose just concentrated on showcasing his excellent and sharp lyrical rhyme skills. But this time the Tragic Allies frontman (who already worked with Killah Priest, Big Shug, Bronze Nazareth, Epidemic, etc.) is not only able to shine on the mic, he also takes charge of stellar beats for the entire album.

    Featuring underground icons Roc Marciano, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Killah Priest along with up-and-coming lyricist Relentless and top-notch beatboxer Choppa, "Golden Era Music Sciences" stands for its 100% trademark Tragic Allies sound, that, infused with the mind and vibe of pioneer and Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khadafi, makes this album look like a sure bet for one of 2013's hottest rap underground albums.



  • Madchild - Out of My Head (Prod. Aspect) (2012)
    Madchild - Out Of My Head - Prod. By Aspect
    Pre-Order his new album "Dope Sick" Aug.28 | http://bit.ly/yUlEKk
  • Chief Kamachi ft. Guru - The Best
    Artist : Chief Kamachi
    Album : Cult Status
    Track : The Best (Feat. Guru)
  • Danegurous - Danegurous Mind (Prod. Vherbal) (2015)
    1st single off my new album DIVINE TYRANT dropping 5/8/15
  • Sadat X ft. Maverick - Live & Ya Learn (2015)
    Sadat X has spent the last two years preparing an album a whole generation of Hip-Hop fans have been waiting for. "Never Left", is a project that celebrates Sadat X' illustrious 25 year career and serves as a testament to New York City's continued ability to fit in today's musical landscape.

    Sadat conceptualized the project with Fokis after the two had worked together on several projects under Fokis' Loyalty Digital Corp imprint. The idea was simple, "a lot of people have the perception that at some point you're supposed to just turn it off like a switch," explains the Brand Nubian co-founder."I still love Hip-Hop every day, I'm still Hip-Hop every day. It's my lifestyle, it's what I grew up on. So I just tried to transcribe that through music and let people in my generation know that it's okay to still love rap. You don't have to be trapped by what's played on the radio or the mainstream. There's something out there for you.”

    The result is a cohesive collection of songs, that avoids the tendency many older artists have to overly criticize or attempt to emulate what the "kids" are doing. Instead, "Never Left" is simply a well-crafted Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop album, perhaps the first of it's kind to fit perfectly into today's landscape without losing site of it's audience. This is not an attempt by Sadat X to turn Millennials into fans, although their ears are more than welcome and what they will find will certainly resonate. This is "grown folks" music.

    The project is also very much a New York City album, something Sadat makes clear on the very first track, "We In New York." Listeners are offered a sonic ride that feels familiar without being dated. "Never Left" captures the feeling of New York's Golden Era, carried forward 25 years by a man who has lived the culture to the fullest. Along the way, Sadat stays in pocket with notable features by contemporaries like Black Rob, Craig G, King T, Dres, Chi Ali, who lends his vocals to the reggae inspired "Put It On Me," and Cormega, who appears on the project's first official single, "On Fire." Sadat also recruits one of the leaders of New York's next generation of true MCs, Skyzoo on the project, as well as newcomer Tony Mays, who won the opportunity to contribute to this project through an online contest presented by Loyalty Digital Corp.

    Overall, "Never Left" promises to surprise even the most loyal of fans, a fact which Fokis credits to Sadat's commitment to deliver the best possible album. "Even though he’s been doing this for 20 plus years, he’s always willing and open to being guided," Fokis says. "It’s like working with a veteran with a new artist’s mentality. And I think his commitment to getting it right definitely shows in the quality of the music."

    Check out music videos off the project here www.youtube.com/user/SadatXVEVO/featured
  • Matt Bakos & J. Waller - Whatchu Want (2015)
    From: Matt Bakos & J. Waller - Steelmatic EP